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2001 news from Islay : Bruichladdich to re-open 

During the summer of last year I remember spending several minutes on the shores of Loch Indaal (the sea loch that lies between Bowmore and Bruichladdich) while waiting for our Tasting Expert John McDougal to change into his kilt. I had collected John from the moors where our group of IWS members were busy learning and practising the art of peat cutting. 

This spot - outside the Bed & Breakfast where John was staying - was right in front of the then closed Bruichladdich Distillery and it is hard to find a more idyllic spot on the whole island. South facing and looking across to the village and distillery of Bowmore, the only sadness was the deserted feeling of the old distillery. 

I returned a few days ago and the distillery now is a hive of activity. After a take-over led by the small independent Single Malt bottler Murray McDavid, and the near legendary, and previous brand ambassador of Bowmore (Jim McEwan), the distillery is undergoing a radical change. This change is both uniquely sympathetic to its past - but is also looking forward to a future of being a key stop for any whisky enthusiast who visits the island. The drive and enthusiasm of Jim McEwan's love of Islay and Islay Malts is a part of this unfolding story.




Bruichladdich (pronounced brew ö ich ö laddie ) has a wonderful location on the island. The distillery lies in between the two beautiful villages of Bowmore and Port Charlotte. Unlike the other six operating distilleries that are mostly hidden away in quiet bays, down winding roads or tucked behind the bustle of Bowmore village, Bruichladdich stands commanding an open vista across a large swathe of the island.

The distillery buildings were well planned and offer Jim a fabulous opportunity to develop both facilities for visitors as well as bringing the essential distilling equipment back to life. Distilling equipment is still in place from the era when the distillery was built ö items like a cast iron mash tun circa. 1900 and a wash back dating from 1881 will make this one of the most authentic working distilleries.

There are many things planned for 2001 at Bruichladdich and we will keep you informed as they come on stream. To see a distillery returning to life ö join the IWS on one of our 3-day Distillery & Tasting Tours on Islay - click on the banner below for more information

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